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Unity wins damages against Cartec Audio

Dave Robinson 19 December 2016
Unity wins damages against Cartec Audio

Pro-audio distributor Unity Audio has won a two-year dispute with Cartec Audio, a Manchester-based manufacturer of “classic” studio outboard compressors and EQ (such as the THC Compressor, shown). In a court ruling on 21 October 2016, Cartec was told to pay nearly £30,000 in damages and £25,000 in costs to Unity. Cartec went into administration on 31 October.

The dispute between Liam Carter of Cartec Audio and Kevin Walker of Unity Audio began in mid-2014. Unity built up a reported £40,000 worth of backlogged orders for Cartec gear, while some faulty units were returned to Cartec and were in repair for an alleged five months.

Later, Carter issued a statement to dealers trying to cut Walker out of the agreement and saying Cartec “will continue making all products and running as normal, but Unity Audio will no longer be involved.”

The court judgment from 2nd November 2016 reads:

Unity Audio Ltd have been in a long legal dispute with Cartec Audio Ltd regarding breach of distribution agreement and its obligation to supply back orders under the terms of the agreement, and in addition to retaining returned products for service belonging to Unity Audio and its customers.

On 21st October Birmingham County Court awarded the Judgement to Unity Audio Ltd. The Defendant’s counter claim was dismissed and it’s application for appeal was refused. Cartec Audio Ltd was ordered to pay £29,198.50 damages and £25,000 costs to Unity Audio.

On the 31st October Cartec Audio Ltd went into Administration.

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