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UK Screen and JAMES forge training programme partnership

test 8 January 2008

UK: Trade body the UK Screen Association recently announced a new partnership with the Joint Audio Media Education Service (JAMES). The arrangement is intended to help develop a programme of audio sector training that will encompasses course in audio post-production and other areas of film and television not covered in the existing accreditation, writes David Davies.

Established by the education arm of the APRS and the MPG, JAMES was devised as a link between the professional audio industry and education, with an initial focus on music recording and production skills. It currently offers accreditation for courses in higher education that provide training in areas established as being attractive to potential employers but, in response to concerns from UK Screen members, it has been decided to link into the long-running existing structure operated by the APRS and MPG. JAMES is now working with UK Screen to document the specific content that the industry would expect courses to include with a view to creating an accreditation programme that has links to UK Screen and its members.

“Students looking for careers in audio – be it music, film or TV – are often met with a confusing number of options for training,” commented Tony Andrews on behalf of JAMES. “JAMES accreditation is one benchmark that students can look to as confirmation that a course has approval of the industry where they hope to work. Likewise with so many courses turning out graduates, employers can often find it difficult to know what course best prepares students for employment. Graduation from a JAMES accredited course is a helpful filter.”

Speaking to PSN-e, Andrews adds: “Our partnership with UK Screen is an exciting development as JAMES was initially created to work within education and the pro-audio market. Now we can offer JAMES’ resources to UK Screen’s initiatives within the film and television industries where there is a huge crossover in education and training.”


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