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UK PMSE sector launches new spectrum funding campaign

test 17 November 2009

UK: Twenty-one major organisations representing the British entertainment industry are supporting the ‘Save Our Sound UK’ campaign, writes David Davies. The new initiative constitutes the latest effort by the UK PMSE sector to secure sufficient funding to cover the costs of replacing wireless systems set to be rendered redundant by spectrum migration.

The ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians), the APRS (Association of Professional Recording Services), BEIRG, actors/artists’ union Equity, the Musicians’ Union, PLASA and the PSA are among the organisations backing the initiative, which aims to draw attention to the impact on live music, newsgathering and musical theatre in the event that the government does not provide adequate funding to cover the costs of spectrum migration.

Describing the current Ofcom proposal as "totally inadequate", the campaign’s initial press statement calls for a funding package that covers "all affected equipment, not just some," with payments to be calculated on the basis of what it will cost to replace equipment with like-for-like alternatives.

Speaking to PSN-e, campaign spokesperson John Steven confirms that Save Our Sound UK is "at this moment in time" focused entirely on the issue of funding. "The campaign must ensure that people get what they deserve in compensation as a result of this enforced eviction. […] It’s important that the campaign gets to as many people across the entertainment industry as possible, so that they understand how this will affect them. With the involvement of unions and organisations with combined memberships of over 2.5 million people behind it, already this campaign is off to a very strong start."

Steven says that the 21 organisations "were very quick at coming on-board" thanks to the efforts of long-term UK PMSE spectrum issue political lobbyist Alun Rees (Ranelagh International).

"This is a campaign where it’s not hard for everyone to grasp how this will be damaging to the industry if Save Our Sound does not fight for a change to these proposals and make the government do the right thing," says Steven. "The campaign welcomes support from all quarters of the industry and any other organisations that wish to support the campaign can email Alun Rees at Ranelagh ( and/or visit the Save Our Sound website and leave a comment expressing their support."

Legendary music promoter Harvey Goldsmith (pictured) is among the high profile figures to have voiced their concern about the current Ofcom proposals. "The valuable real estate we are talking about will be sold off very soon, and there will be no second chance to secure the future of those affected," he warned. "The time to act is now."

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