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Tymphany makes concerted bid for pro-audio market

Murray Stassen 30 January 2014
Tymphany makes concerted bid for pro-audio market

Tymphany HK Ltd, a manufacturer of loudspeaker transducers, has set its sights on the professional audio market – particularly large scale touring and other sound reinforcement applications – with the launch of the FSL Series of woofers, the TC Series full-range column transducers, and the BC and H Series tweeter line. These components are built on 85 years of design and manufacturing expertise from Tymphany’s Peerless and Vifa brands. The company exhibited at the NAMM show for the first time last week in order to unveil its strategy for 2014.

“By combining an innovative, western-led design philosophy with the speed and efficiency of our Asian-based engineering and manufacturing teams, we optimised the new Tymphany transducers to handle the most demanding professional applications while lowering costs for our customers,” said George Bullimore, head of the transducer business unit for Tymphany. “Guitar amps, PA systems, live sound, we really see no limits to what the future holds.”

Tymphany already designs and manufactures transducers, in an OEM capacity, for many familiar professional loudspeaker brands.
The roots of the company begin in Denmark in 1926 with Peerless loudspeakers. Tymphany was founded in the US in 2002 to produce digital electronics systems for the loudspeaker industry, and acquired Peerless in 2005.  China-based production of electronics, transducers and cabinets was established that same year; staffing levels at the Guang Dong plant now number 700. The company headquarters is in Hong Kong, with a US office based outside San Francisco.

Phil McPhee (pictured here with the PSL1530 pro woofer), VP sales and marketing, Americas, told PSNEurope that Tymphany had a “compelling story to tell” and “a lot of expertise to bring to the market”.

“Pro audio is a natural extension of our business,” he said.

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