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Troy Antunes invests in Eve Audio for London Studio

Murray Stassen 6 June 2014
Troy Antunes invests in Eve Audio for London Studio

Producer and professional bassist Troy Antunes has invested in a pair of Eve Audio SC407 monitors for his Muswell Hill studio in north London.

The monitors were supplied to Antunes by UK distributor Nova Distribution.

“I recently had to learn some bass parts for an upcoming session and so I put my axe through the SC407’s for the first time, which was a real nice surprise. A lot of systems, including my own that I have worked on, I would be – OK, so I need to back off a bit here, and this might need some shaping around, but the Eve’s just took it,” explains Antunes.

“The great thing is that what you hear at low levels is exactly what you hear at louder levels which works for me as you don’t need to be blasting it out all the time. Of course when you’re playing back to the clients you need the punch to hit you in the chest which the 407’s deliver. Everything’s tight, man!”

Antunes owns his own label Funky Viva Productions and has played bass with NSync and Justin Timberlake. “Justin and I met during NSync, I was with those guys since day one,” says Antunes.

“My cousin Kevin Antunes and I were assigned musical director and assistant musical director for NSync and I played the bass. So we did the whole NSync thing for about 4 albums and then Justin wanted to do his solo thing. Justin asked Kev and I if we would like to join him on the Justifed tour.”

“That was back in 2003 and so we spent the next 3 years touring the world with Justin alongside an amazing 13 piece live band. It was awesome, and we were blessed to be amongst such amazing musicians.”

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