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Traction supplies sound for Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (video)

Erica Basnicki 15 November 2013
Traction supplies sound for Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (video)

Traction Sound provided the system for Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim’s recent East London 12-hour rave marathon. The entire event was filmed and used as the video for Cook’s latest chart hit Eat Sleep Rave Repeat.   The song was born out of Cook and production partner Riva Starr’s encounter with Beardyman in a Brooklyn record shop earlier in the year. The famous beat boxer was ranting about a three-day bender he had been on, and the resulting conversation was recorded and chopped up into a tune.

With £500 on offer to the last person standing, and a team of medics, referees and DJs to help find the strongest of the dancers, what was also required was a sound system with more stamina than the ravers.
Watch Fatboy Slim’s Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

The Traction Sound crew personally oversaw the installation of the system into a challenging warehouse space. The system comprised two BPS218 Hades infra subs, four BH218 Zeus subs and eight SDS12i Kodiaks, all powered by four Powersoft K10s providing 48k of power in just 4RU.   Although there were only 500 dancers, the warehouse could have held four times that amount, so the ‘club’ was set up in the middle of the space, allowing a multi camera crew, lighting and production staff to use the perimeters. The focused dispersion of the SDS horn minimised the reverb inherent in such a lively space.   Cook (pictured above with Traction Sound’s Shreddie Glew) was so impressed with the results that he now uses Traction Sound for events held in his newly acquired Big Beach Café in Hove.      

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