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TiMax tackles complex stage sound for Tabaluga

Erica Basnicki 28 May 2013
TiMax tackles complex stage sound for Tabaluga

A live touring production of German children’s rock musical Tabaluga centres its complex stage sound around TiMax SoundHub source-oriented reinforcement (SOR) spatialisation and TiMax Tracker automation.   The set-up features a 44-channel sound system that tracks performers across multiple ramps and catwalks that cover varying dimensions, depending on the size and audience layout of the arena hosting the production.

Audio production was supplied by POOLgroup GmbH who rented the TiMax SoundHUb and Tracker systems from TiMax developer Out Board and German distributor Pro Audio Technik.   During pre-production, Out Board’s Robin Whittaker and system designer Sven Waldheim’s team conducted tests comparing empirical measurements and data with subjective listening and "laser measurements", which led to "valuable lessons" being learnt, says Out Board.   For the live production, main hangs and outshooters of Meyer MILO line-array with 600-HP and 700-HP subs formed the band PA for the main end-on stage, including UPA downfills and frontfills plus additional UPJ nearfills. The source-oriented reinforcement (SOR) vocal system comprised ten Meyer M’elodie line-array hangs distributed along the grids above the catwalks, with 19 UPAs and 5 UPMs distributed along catwalks and thrust stage-fronts and up in the grids as downfills. All main and distributed PA channels were driven by a 48 x 48 channel TiMax SoundHub-S matrix which hooked up to the Soundcraft Vi6 and Vi4 consoles and the Meyer powered speakers via analogue XLR feeds distributed on a RockNet network.   Werner Schmidl, who handled all the TiMax’d vocal mics for the wandering Tabaluga character and his pals, commented: “I was skeptical at first if it would all work, but I must say now I am absolutely delighted, I find the whole thing works pretty well.”  

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