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The premise is to keep it green

Paul Watson 9 February 2011
The premise is to keep it green

In keeping with its environmental ambitions, the Hackney Road facility in East London has completed its new state-of-the-art mix room using reclaimed timber and Photo Voltaic (PV) solar panels. The new studio is built around a Trident TSM console and features a lot of analogue modular gear – even some antiques, all of which The Premise’s Nathan Hale says required special attention in making it efficient. “All the gear is old, so there’s a bit more power to draw on, which meant using more of the PV panels,” Hale explains. “They transfer light from DC into AC via a convertor which feeds back into the grid, and we then draw off the grid; we’re actually well below the zero point which is great.” Hale isn’t fussy about clients in the sense that anyone is welcome at the new facility; and says the main goal is for people to be able to make a high quality recording in a top quality environment, but using much less energy. “We are a business first – none of us are hippies,” he jokes. “And if it makes economic sense and it’s good for the environment, then it’s good for us.” Nathan Hale was one of the speakers at PSNE/IE’svirtual conference Sustainability AV last December; and will be interviewed as part of a feature in next month’s edition of PSNE. 

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