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The organist entertains with DPA

David Davies 29 March 2010
The organist entertains with DPA

The company’s omnidirectional mics have been used to record the world’s largest cathedral organ, located at Passau, Germany, reports PSN-e. A performance by Dr. Hans-Joachim Trappe of Ruhr-Universität Bochum was recorded in stereo and surround sound for a charity SACD to benefit the German Heart Foundation. Recording the five-section instrument led recording engineer Ulrich Lorscheider from German specialist classical recording company Aeolus to use primarily DPA 4006 and 4006-TL microphones. Ten 4006s were used as main pair, with a further pair for each of the two organs located on the left and right side of the main organ. A further two pairs were deployed to provide two different ‘layers’ of room ambience. Lorscheider said that Aeolus owns a large number of DPA 4006s – “it is our main microphone of choice for this work” – and that the fixtures had again met his expectations on this latest project. “We particularly succeeded in reproducing the depth of the large cathedral in a three-dimensional way,” he said. “The microphone set-up was chosen mainly with a stereo mix in mind, but it delivered excellent results for the surround mix too.” Nikolaj Lentz Rudyk, area manager of DPA Microphones A/S, tells PSN-e: “Anyone who has tried to work with church organ recording knows how challenging it can be to reproduce the atmosphere and the instrument’s capabilities. With its ultra-fast response the 4006-TL is really a fantastic tool for such a task. Unmatchable detail reach and the low self-noise of the transducer allowed [the Aeolus team] to capture the pipes in a very natural way.”

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