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The Lovin’ Tuneful: Meyers celebrate 50 years of audio at ISE

Dave Robinson 7 February 2017
The Lovin' Tuneful: Meyers celebrate 50 years of audio at ISE

Meyer Sound, one of the leading makers of self-powered loudspeaker systems in the world, has been celebrating a special anniversary at this year’s ISE 2017 show in Amsterdam. But, far be it for us to short-circuit the florid prose of the company’s press department on this special occasion. Over to our spokesperson on Haight & Ashbury…

“The Summer of Love – 1967 – served as the epicentre of the counter-culture, beckoning thousands of young people to the San Francisco Bay Area. Flower Power was up, war was down, the Monterey International Pop Festival served as a precursor to Woodstock, and two young sound enthusiasts named John and Helen, went on a date at a Berkeley hi-fi shop to hear The Beatles seminal, psychedelic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

“That same year, John Meyer was tapped by Steve Miller to develop a better sound system for the blues rocker’s Monterey Pop performance. While it would be another decade before Meyer Sound was formally founded, this formative period laid the cornerstones for a company that would blaze sonic trails, and provide innovative audio experiences, decade after decade, from the analogue into the digital ages.

Helen+john482“Throughout 2017, to celebrate their love, and the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, John and Helen Meyer (right) will visit key Meyer Sound customers, host exclusive curated events in Meyer Sound environments at the company’s Berkeley, California campus, in the San Francisco Bay Area, around the US, and around the world. John and Helen will highlight their innovative, handcrafted audio products, systems and ideas – for live music of all genres in concert halls and stadiums, corporate settings, educational arenas, theatres, houses of worship, restaurants, cinema post-production and exhibition, fine art projects, and more.”

The Meyer release concludes with quotes from those two young and carefree hi-fi enthusiasts, now 50 years wiser:

“1967 was a remarkable time in music and live sound with the freedom to work alongside a new generation of artists,” said Meyer Sound co-founder and CEO John Meyer. “The opportunity to innovate was everywhere. The Bay Area was in the centre of it all with creative artists, a free spirit and high-level universities providing R+D resources. This was the inspiration for Meyer Sound, and we’ve remained dedicated to this spirit of handmade innovation ever since.”

sonic_love_story“To celebrate, we’re creating an incredible programme for 2017,” said co-founder and executive VP Helen Meyer. “We will travel near and far to see our customers and creations and participate in exclusive experiences, to launch important new products, host game-changing listening experiences, increase our festival presence and collaboration with key touring partners, and explore new Meyer Sound frontiers, such as China and India. We have some special surprises in store and can’t wait to reveal them at just the right moments!”

Hey… can you see Jerry Garcia’s shadow in the background there…?


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