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The future is analogue for APB-DynaSonics at NSCA

test 6 March 2007

US: APB-DynaSonics is to launch its high specification Spectra-Ci and Spectra-Ti analogue consoles at NSCA later this month during a period of sustained development for the New Jersey-based manufacturer. “APB-DynaSonics is growing fast, and it is critical that we control our growth so we can stay healthy over the long term,” sales/product manager Chuck Augustowski tells David Davies.

Founded in 2004 by Augustowski, John Petrucelli and Taz Bhogal, the company’s specific ambition is to take analogue consoles through to a new era of development. Most recently this has resulted in the Spectra-Ci and -Ti analogue consoles, designed to meet the requirements of a range of fixed installation and touring sound applications.

Each of the VCA-based models is available in 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 mono input formats, and features four additional stereo input channels. A 24 mono input channel expander is also available for use with all of the available configurations for Spectra consoles. Features common to both models include balanced insert sends and returns on separate _” phone jacks, a variable high pass filter (20Hz to 400Hz) with ON switch and LED, and a 4-band EQ with HF and LF switchable between two frequencies.

Following these consoles’ introduction at NSCA, APB-DynaSonics plans to press ahead with a raft of new products, including the ProRack-House and ProRack-Monitor small format mixers, and the Spectra-M monitor consoles.

Noting the high level of advance orders for some of these items, Augustowski stresses to PSN-e the importance of a carefully researched approach to new product development. “It is obvious to us that analogue consoles will be viable for some time to come, providing we continue to turn out a top-rated product that the customer is requesting. To do this we have to make sure we do not rush any new product into production until we are sure it is the best that we can do.”

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