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Taking pro-audio’s temperature with PSNE

test 10 March 2009

UK: Be it frivolous or highly serious, the PSNE/PSN-e poll provides an opportunity to judge the mood of the industry, writes David Davies. From the benefits of the ISE exhibition to the merits (or otherwise) of Duffy’s Rockferry, the PSNE/PSN-e poll is a chance to sound off – in a strictly democratic, first-past-the-post fashion, of course.

Polls that have generated particularly emphatic results include ‘What’s better for working with audio: the MAC or the PC?’ (the MAC, said 69.3% of our readers), ‘Could you live without DAB?’ (the ‘ayes’ have it with 62.5%) and ‘Should Frankfurt be broken up into two shows on two separate occasions?’ (no, thank you, insisted 62.1% of voters).

More recent polls to have prompted a strong reader response include ‘how was ISE for you?’ (66.7% described the show as ‘excellent’) and ‘is Duffy’s Rockferry that great an album?’ (66.7% had voted in the negative at the time of writing).

“The poll has proven to be a really valuable instrument in gauging the mood of the industry at any given time,” says PSNE/PSN-e editor Dave Robinson. “Of course, some polls are more light-hearted than others, but no matter what the subject, it’s a great opportunity to make your voice heard and find out what your peers are thinking.”

A chance to find out what Dave Robinson is thinking – and to maybe offer your own bon mots in response – is provided by PSNE’s new Twitter page, accessible here


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