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Systems integration consultancy TechSpa ‘sticking together’ with latest appointment

test 5 June 2007

US: As job titles go, ‘The Glue’ is rather unusual, but in the context of a company that boasts employees in the roles of ‘Perfectionist’, ‘Control Freak’ and ‘Therapeutic Technologist’, it borders on the traditional. In any case, it is the position now occupied by newly appointed Nina Richard at Florida-based software programming consultancy to the systems integration industry, Tech-Spa, reports David Davies.

“Nina is the glue that holds TechSpa’s office operations together,” said company president Joe Kurta, who also revels in the moniker ‘Head Propeller Head’. “Nina is instrumental in managing and streamlining the procedures involving TechSpa’s operations, such as project estimating, schedules, operating guidelines, invoicing and travel arrangements.”

As for the, um, unconventional job titles, Kurta feels that they bring a bit of levity “to an otherwise incredibly sober and stoic line of work”.

Located in Winter Park, Florida, TechSpa combines the development of customised software for integrators with the education of integrators in the latest DSP technologies, and the manufacture of its own line of software control products. These include the Contemporary Control System for hotels, resorts, convention centres and other multi-zone facilities, and the customisable Announcer Telephone Paging product.

The company also offers services and training for products/brands including Peavey MediaMatrix Legacy System, QSCControl, AMX, Crestron and CobraNet.

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