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System EVO-lution for Fairlight

Dave Robinson 20 April 2010
System EVO-lution for Fairlight

US: The small surface footprint/large format mixing functionality system, EVO, was unveiled by Fairlight at NAB last week, writes David Davies. Described as a fully self-contained audio production system for video, film and music, the EVO system is said to deliver "high end console power with cutting-edge affordability".

"EVO is a major development for Fairlight, one that continues the path started by FAME, Prodigy and Constellation," said Tino Fibaek, Fairlight’s general manager. "Although these products already offer our customers an integrated audio and video solution, we wanted to refine and enhance the mixing part of that system so that we could improve usability. With EVO, we have achieved exactly that – a console that not only addresses the convergence of audio and video, but also delivers large format mixing functionality within the small surface footprint that is typical of post production consoles."

EVO makes use of several recent Fairlight innovations, including Crystal Core Processing, the SX range of I/O options, and Xynergi self-labelling key technology. The design emphasis is on giving users fast access to mixing tools via the innovative use of rotary encoders and touch screens, and a centre section designed around Fairlight’s Xynergi keys.

Speaking to PSN-e, Fibaek says that EVO supports the ongoing changes in post-workflow, file and media formats. He also thinks the systems – which was designed with a focus on "reducing RSI risk and general operator fatigue" – complements studios with multi-purpose configurations.

"The importance of ROI has never been more understood than today," notes Fibaek. "EVO is designed to be future-proof, through its combination of tactile controls and flexible graphical feedback. And not wanting to leave our existing users out in the cold, we have ensured that the EVO provides an upgrade path for existing Constellations."

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