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Synthax Audio UK: new MD and owners for the RME distributor

test 21 August 2007

UK: Former LOUD Technologies executive Martin Warr has become the new managing director of digital audio solutions developer RME’s exclusive UK distributor, Synthax Audio UK. Taking over from long-time frontman Joe de Bie – now said to be “moving forward in a different direction” in his career – Warr will be placing a particular emphasis on developing the market for the Premium Line of MADI products, writes David Davies.

The arrival of Warr – also the new co-owner of Synthax Audio UK alongside the head of Synthax AG, Hermann Vega Salon – marks the beginning of a significant new chapter for the hitherto Melton Mowbray-based company. Now relocated to an office-only headquarters in Watford, Synthax UK has dispensed with its previous distribution model that saw it buy in products from Synthax AG and turn them around at its Melton Mowbray warehouse for sending out to dealers.

“We’re now going to be shipping direct from Germany for most significant stock orders,” Warr tells PSN-e. “We have already started that, and in fact it is working like a dream… It’s a 21st Century model of distribution.”

Accompanying this change of working practice will be a renewed focus on broadening awareness of the RME offer within the UK market. Warr suggests that the FireFace 400 and 800 FireWire audio interfaces have achieved widespread recognition, but that there is more work to be done in carving out a market profile for, in particular, the Premium Line – home to such products as the ADI-642 eight-channel format MADI/AES converter.

Those in the know, says Warr, “all the sing the praises of RME’s MADI and other interfacing products, stating that they are rock solid, brilliant drivers, excellent hardware and that they never fail. We need to get this message out to a wider audience.” Accordingly, Warr confirms that he is currently investigating options for establishing a Premium Line dealership network in the UK.

Meanwhile, the development of The Audio Professionals – Warr’s dealership business formed after his departure from LOUD Technologies UK last September – is also continuing, although Warr stresses that the two operations will remain entirely separate.

“It’s more of a value added reseller – selling equipment, but ensuring that people feel they are hand-held throughout the process,” says Warr of The Audio Professionals. “And it is working – there is a section of the buying public that really wants decent service. It’s very much a going concern, but the intention is to keep it separate, and to have it run by separate people.”


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