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Synesthesia workshop at Cannes Lions 2014

Murray Stassen 2 June 2014
Synesthesia workshop at Cannes Lions 2014

Audio Network, the international music company specialising in music for film, television and advertising has announced a workshop for the launch of Innovation Day at Cannes Lions 2014, the world’s biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry. Audio Network is the official music partner for the festival.

The company will run its Synesthesia workshop featuring composer Philip Sheppard and “human cyborg” Neil Harbisson for the first time.

Audio Network’s Synesthesia event, entitled: A Creative Showcase, takes place at Cannes Lions’ Innovation Day on Saturday 21 June from 12.15pm to 12.45pm and takes a look at our senses and how we perceive them.

Composer Philip Sheppard (pictured) will demonstrate his theory ‘music is liquid architecture’ where by using the latest technology and his electric cello, he will spontaneously compose a piece of music with the audience.

Joining Sheppard will be Neil Harbisson, “human cyborg” and TED speaker, who will discuss suffering from the condition of only being able to see in black and white and how a unique prosthetic antenna, enables him to hear the spectrum.

Ali Johnson, global head of music for Audio Network comments: “We are very excited to be further expanding our presence at Cannes Lions again this year. Synaethesia is a flagship event for us and was conceived to provide thoughtful and provocative presentations and performances relating to music, sound and image. We think the Cannes Lions’ Innovation Day is the perfect setting for our first staging of the event at the Festival.”

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