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Sweetwater Sound wins trademark infringement lawsuit

David Davies 28 October 2010
Sweetwater Sound wins trademark infringement lawsuit

The Sweetwater case alleged that Audiolines illegally copied its online content, including product information and specifications, and posted them on the Audiolines website in order to promote the sale of audio technnology and MI.

Filing its case at the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, Sweetwater insisted that the actions of its opponent were “blatant and damaging” to its trademark and brand. The content in question has now been removed from the web.

On 21 October 2010, the District Court entered judgement in favor of Sweetwater and against Audiolines on Sweetwater’s complaint. The Court determined that Audiolines infringed on Sweetwater’s trademark under the Lanham Act and that Sweetwater had sustained “irreparable harm as a result of that infringement”.

The Court ordered Audiolines to pay damages to Sweetwater for its acts of trademark infringement and permanently enjoined Audiolines from the use of the trademark “Sweetwater” on its website or in any other connection with the sale of its products.

Sweetwater founder and president Chuck Surack (pictured) commented: “I regret that I had to take legal action, but the abuse was blatant. Our website was the first in the industry and its information-rich content is the product of years of hard work on the part of many people here at Sweetwater. I had to act to protect that as well as the Sweetwater brand. My hope is that this quick resolution will give others pause before they attempt to infringe on our brand and to steal our content.”

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