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Surreptitious software strengthens SD range – again

Erica Basnicki 18 March 2016
Surreptitious software strengthens SD range – again

A rash of software updates have swept DiGiCo’s SD range of consoles, the latest to be affected being the SD10.

The upgrade, widely known as “Stealth Core 2”, is said to provide users with a range of new benefits and features, including:

An increase from 96 channel strips to 132
An increase from 48 output busses to 56 + Master + 24 x 24 Matrix
An increase from 16 to 214 DiGiTuBes
An increase from 16 to 214 Multiband Dynamic options
An increase from 16 to 214 Dynamic EQs
Digital FX rises from 16 to 24 units

The upgrade previously struck SD9 consoles earlier this month.

A source within the company, said to be DiGiCo MD James Gordon, has released the following statement: “When we developed the SD10, we made sure that it was ideal for both front of house and monitor positions, as well as application specific upgrades for theatre SD10T and broadcast SD10B. It’s become internationally a very rider friendly console, but the Stealth Core 2 upgrade delivers even more and will keep your SD10 investment safe well into the future.”

Further instances of “Stealth Core 2” have been predicted, though none have been confirmed at the time of writing.

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