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Superfast soundtracks with NorthernNet

David Davies 22 March 2010
Superfast soundtracks with NorthernNet

A new pay-as-you-go service in the North of England is allowing musicians and producers to create high-quality soundtracks over high-speed networks, reports PSN-e. A network of 17 Media Access Bureaux (MABs) managed by the NorthernNet project and located within business, cultural and educational sites across the North of England (including Salford Media City, pictured) enable transfer speeds that are said to be 20 times faster than the average FTP.

The development – intended to further boost the North’s £21bn digital and creative industries – therefore enables the transfer of 1GB of data in just 1 minute, 20 seconds.

Mercedes Clark Smith, project director of NorthernNet Innovation and Collaboration Project, commented: “The North is renowned for producing incredible music talent. NorthernNet will enable musicians and music producers to nurture the talent that is already there and work with it more efficiently and on a more collaborative basis. Many music producers start out in their homes and have to contend with file transfer over the internet. These MABs will make a huge difference to the quality of work they produce and how they distribute it. We want to continue to be a region of firsts and it is only natural that we want to include the music industry within our programme to boost the creative and digital industries. The music industry is one of the North’s greatest assets.”

A list of technology available at the NorthernNet sites furnished to PSN-e includes: an Aspera FTP FASP server, allowing users to send high-capacity data files internally to any of NorthernNet’s MABs or externally to anyone with an internet connection; the ability to stream existing video, music, graphics, slides and more through the system using HDMI or VGA connections; Tandberg video-conferencing with each MAB for larger meetings and events; and video-editing software including Final Cut Studio (Mac suites) and Avid Nitris and Media Composer (PC). External hard drives can be connected via Firewall or USB, with both systems offering the opportunity to ‘edit in place’ on an Avid Unity MediaNetwork shared storage system.

A secure network, NorthernNet is protected with monitoring, diagnostics and intrusion-detection systems. 

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