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Studer Soundcraft Group: sales management changes and six new consoles on the way

test 31 July 2007

UK: It has been announced that Bruno Hochstrasser is to head up a newly united Soundcraft/Studer sales management operation. The news emerges at a time when the brands are gearing up for the launch of – in the words of Soundcraft Studer Group president Andy Trott – “six new and very exciting live and broadcast digital consoles”, writes David Davies.

The reorganisation also includes the appointment of “industry stalwarts” Adrian Curtis and Ian Staddon (pictured either side of Hochstrasser, who will also continue as Studer president in Regensdorf, Switzerland) to serve as sales vice-presidents of Soundcraft and Studer, respectively.

“To date, our entire organisation has been focused on implementing the first phase of the digital strategy we conceived three years ago,” Andy Trott, president of The Soundcraft Studer Group, tells PSN-e. “This first phase included integrating Soundcraft and Studer together, upgrading our manufacturing facilities and launching new Soundcraft and Studer digital consoles. As this first phase moves to completion, we are about to start delivering phase two, which includes launching six new and very exciting live and broadcast digital consoles over the coming months.

“With such a large number of Soundcraft- and Studer-branded products hitting the digital market at various price points, we need to prepare our sales channels and ensure that all training and positioning is done in good time. This is the reason we have made organisational changes in our sales team at this time.”

Asked whether the reorganisation might result in job losses, Trott’s answer is categorical: “No. Our digital strategy has resulted in The Soundcraft Studer Group enjoying high growth. This reorganisation is reinforcing that growth.”

Evidently excited by current developments, Trott also notes that “Studer Vista console sales doubled last year, and as far as we understand we shipped more Soundcraft Vis in its first year that most of our competitors did of theirs. We are enjoying ourselves!”


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