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Studer celebrates major OnAir 3000 order and updates console software

test 8 May 2007

TURKEY: The radio division of Turkey’s national broadcaster, TRT, has placed an order for eight Studer OnAir 3000 digital broadcast consoles. News of the major purchase follows the release of new version software for the successful production and on-air console series, writes David Davies.

The consoles will be split between TRT’s Ankara headquarters – which will take four desks – and the radio studios of TRT Istanbul and TRT Izmir. Installation is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of September.

Distributor SF Dis Ticaret AS attributes the significant OnAir 3000 purchase to TRT’s long-term association with Studer, which has recently seen the broadcaster take delivery of two Vista 8 consoles for OB use. The relationship, says SF Dis Ticaret managing director Samim Mutluer, is “based on mutual trust, as well as the products’ exceptional quality, and the after-sales package, which is strengthened by the full support we provide here in Turkey.”

In other recent news, Studer has introduced Version 2.2 software for the OnAir 3000 Series. New features include fresh optional functions and modules for handling 5.1 signals, which allow control of a 5.1 input signal from a single fader, and support for connection of the new SCore Live DSP system, capable of bringing more DSP power to the OnAir 3000 and increasing the I/O capability of the desk to 1728×1728.

The new software also includes a facility for Tie Lines between Cores – enabling direct connection to OnAir 3000, Route 6000 and Vista Cores – among other features.

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