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Strongroom takes on running of Intimate

test 5 December 2007

UK: Strongroom in London has taken over the management of Intimate Studios in Wapping. The re-branded _Strongroom Smokehouse_ offers a 900sqft recording space coupled with a Neve VSP 72 channel desk (ex-Whitfield Street Studios), a large live recording area with natural light and isolation booths, useful for bands looking to record in a _live_ set-up, reports PSN-e.

Strongroom sales and marketing manager, Garry Williams, clarifies that this is not a purchase, just a management change. Paul Madden continues to own the Intimate/ Smokehouse facility, and will continue with _regular recording sessions_ there.

_The deal took effect as of 1st November, following a couple of months on a trial basis that proved the venture to be viable,_ adds Williams.

The decision to take over the running of the studio came as a _direct reaction to the popularity of Strongroom_s world-famous Neve room, Studio One_, says owner and MD Richard Boote (pictured): _We were finding that Studio One was constantly booked out and so had a requirement for another studio with a large live room and a quality Neve desk. Strongroom Smokehouse fits this criteria exactly and give us the ability to offer something similar to Studio One at a very affordable rate, with the added bonus of cheap accommodation._

Since the changes, Smokehouse has already been used by such artists as The Kooks, Patrick Wolf and Emmy the Great. In other Strongroom news, November saw an expansion in bookings staff, with Natalie Horton, former studio manager at Eden Studios in Chiswick, appointed as bookings co-ordinator for Strongroom and AIR.

The AIR Studios (Lyndhurst) Ltd group now includes AIR Studios, Breathe Post Production, Strong Hire, and AIR Management, as well as the Strongroom Studios core operation in Shoreditch.

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