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Square Audio Kickstarts the Square Root

Jon Chapple 26 May 2015
Square Audio Square Root, Kickstarter

Fledgling Latvian speaker manufacturer Square Audio has become the latest pro-audio company to announce it will use crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise funds for the development of a new product.

The Square Audio campaign, for its Square Root studio monitors (pictured), follows in the footsteps of Flare Audio, which is seeking to raise £100,000 towards its R2 Reference headphones (see Flare launches Kickstarter for new “distortion-free” Reference R2 earphones) before 3 June. (£56,708 has been pledged so far.)

Square Audio, headquartered in Riga and Los Angeles, California, describes the Square Root speakers as “professional reference-grade loudspeakers that are linear both in frequency and time domain, created to experience the most natural and undistorted sound reproduction in near-field listening environment[s]”.

Squared launched its first loudspeaker system, the mid-to-nearfield Square One, earlier this year.

“I set two goals when designing Square Root,” says the company’s CTO, Roland Yanevich. “They had to be affordable for way more customers than Square One and they needed to have the best possible quality in the size required for their use as musicians’ everyday companions. Fortunately I had researched dozens of acoustic designs and worked with tons of components before, and I knew the perfect solution to achieve outstanding accuracy in performance of Square Root.”

Key features include a single full-range driver (“a true point source”) with a soft suspension and long excursion, no distortions introduced by crossover of multiple drivers, no delays caused by driver alignment and “smart and powerful” digital filtering “to remove slightest non-linearities of speakers performance both in frequency and time domains”.

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