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Spencer Beard appointed MD of Wigwam Acoustics

Erica Basnicki 30 August 2013
Spencer Beard appointed MD of Wigwam Acoustics

SSE Audio Group has appointed operations director Spencer Beard (pictured) as managing director of Wigwam Acoustics.   Spencer, 36, joined SSE in 1993 and has worked up through the organisation, becoming operations director at the Group’s Redditch headquarters in 2001.   SSE acquired Wigwam Acoustics in April of this year. Both companies are also finalists for the inaugural Pro Sound Awards, with Wigwam Acoustics shortlisted for Installation Team of the Year and SSE Audio Group in the running for Tour Sound Production for Jesus Christ Superstar (You can still buy Pro Sound Awards tickets online).   Former Wigwam MD Mick Spratt, now a shareholder in SSE Audio, remains with the Group as Wigwam’s sales director.   “I think it’s a fantastic move. Spencer is well liked at Wigwam and has been working closely with us since the acquisition earlier this year. He is a real people person and understands the way we operate at Wigwam,” said Spratt.   “It’s great to see the next generation stepping up to the plate and taking control. SSE’s strength is its young layer of management who have been mentored over years for these opportunities.”   Beard added: “Wigwam is a great company with a unique culture that must be retained going forward. I understand and respect that, and will manage the integration over the longer term, but keeping the essence of Wigwam intact. I’m looking forward to the challenge.”   John Penn, managing director of SSE Audio Group concluded: “This move demonstrates that we are serious about not changing too much at Wigwam. We bought a great company with brilliant people and we don’t want to mess about with that.    “I have complete confidence in Spencer and know he will do a good job of managing the change at Wigwam without any disruption to their clients.”

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