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Spectrasonics launches remix contest

test 13 May 2008

US: Spectrasonics has launched a new competition that enables registered virtual instrument users to create music using special Spectrasonics loops. The ten-week Omnisphere Preview Remix Contest is based around loops created from the forthcoming Omnisphere Power Synth, the first instrument to be based on Spectrasonics’ newly developed core technology STEAM Engine, writes David Davies.

The contest will culminate in July when three winners are selected, each of whom will receive a free copy of Omnisphere when it is released on September 15th.

Any Spectrasonics-registered users of Stylus RMX, Atmosphere or Trilogy can take part. Participants may enter as many tracks as they wish, but can only win one prize in one of the three categories: Best Vocal Production, Best Instrumental Production and Most Creative Production. To download the soundset upon which the competition is based and submit tracks, visit the dedicated contest page (first link below).

Speaking to PSN-e about what potential purchasers can expect from the full Omnisphere package, Spectrasonics’ founder and creative director, Eric Persing, comments: “We’ve been working on our epic new Omnisphere synthesizer for over six years, and it’s our flagship instrument. Omnisphere is an extremely versatile instrument because it brings together powerful realtime synthesis capabilities, a massive new core library, modulatable effects and a host of unique features such as an arpeggiator with a ‘Groove Lock’ feature that adapts its feel to other instruments like Stylus RMX. Our international team of sound designers have created a new type of sound development we call ‘Psychoacoustic’ sounds, which feature many unusual and interesting soundsources – from sounds created from lightbulbs to sampling pianos while they are on fire!”


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