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Source caps successful year with UK distribution rights for Genelec monitors

test 4 December 2007

UK: HHB Communications specialist division Source has been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for Genelec’s professional monitor systems under a deal due to take effect on January 1st 2008. The announcement follows a highly successful year that has seen Source register overall sales growth of almost 30% compared to the previous 12-month period under HHB’s former distribution arrangements, writes David Davies.

The addition of Genelec – revealed during a celebratory shindig for dealers and press at London’s Ivy Restaurant – enhances a distribution portfolio that, in little more than a year, has grown to encompass R_de microphones, Universal Audio hardware and software, PreSonus music production tools, Lynx soundcards and converters, and Sonnox plug-ins.

“Genelec coming onboard has really set a marker down and we feel that as a distributor we have really arrived now,” Howard Jones, Source’s director of distributed brands (pictured here between Genelec’s Jarmo Masko and Terho Savolainen), tells PSN-e. “Having this brand in our distribution portfolio is a massive feather in our cap and a big boost for us.”

Asked to outline Source’s strategy for Genelec, Jones reveals that there will be an emphasis on appealing more to installation customers and project studio users. “Most of Genelec’s own marketing focus [to this point] has been at the top end of the market,” he says. “We recognised that they really wanted to broaden that out. There’s a whole generation of project studio guys that are maybe not as familiar with the brand as the pros are, and that’s one of the things we want to address.”

The addition of Genelec – which will be overseen at Source by newly-appointed product specialist Steve Fisher – comes on the eve of a transfer of operations to a new 3,000 sqft premises in north-west London. The near-future is also set to bring the appointment of a new technical support specialist, to be based at Source HQ, and a northern regional sales manager.

While clearly proud of Source’s rapid development – UK sales of Universal Audio products and Sonnox plug-ins are said to have been particularly impressive – Jones says that the company will not be rushing to take on further brands. “We need to make sure that they fit with our portfolio,” he says. “We’re very keen to make sure that all the lines are very stable pro brands_ Our approach is to look at the business for the long-term and we’re looking for partners with a similar view.”

Offering the Genelec perspective, European sales manager Jarmo Masko agreed that the new arrangement represents an opportunity to enhance the status of its brand in Britain. “The UK is an important territory for any pro-audio manufacturer and we chose Source as our new distributor because of the company’s unique track record of success across all of our key markets – music recording, broadcast and installation,” he said. “With a proven strategy of combining sales and marketing skills with unrivalled levels of technical support, we’re confident that Source will deliver a high level of service to all Genelec dealers in the UK.”


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