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Soundcraft trims training time at Royal Holloway University of London

Erica Basnicki 6 November 2013
Soundcraft trims training time at Royal Holloway University of London

The Student Union at the Royal Holloway University of London recently purchased a Soundcraft Vi1 desk in order to train more students in FOH audio mixing.   The Student Union hosts approximately 10 different productions a week, including live music, clubs, conferences, theaters and trade shows.  

“I purchased a different brand of digital console 18 months ago for our FOH training. My staff here consists of students and it was taking them quite a while to learn on that console, so we started looking at the Soundcraft Vi Series for a replacement,” said Karl Travers, technical manager, who purchased the console through UK-based Arc Sound.  

“After working with the Vi1 I knew instantly that the user interface was far more straightforward and more intuitive for the crew to learn. I’ve found that the console UI is very user-friendly with a short learning curve, which has enabled me to get my staff trained in a short amount of time. This in turn leads to quick and confident operation during shows,” he said.  

“In the last few weeks we’ve done about seven club nights, a few bands, live PA acts with MC’s and several conferences. So far, the Vi1 has performed extremely well, and the user-definable pages make setup for different shows very easy. On top of that, its gain structure is sweet and requires little work to achieve the desired results,” Travers added.

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