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Soundcraft expands GB Series mixer range

test 8 January 2008

UK: Soundcraft has added a 19” rack-mountable mixer, the GB2R, to its GB Series. The new product was designed specifically for smaller installations in churches and performance venues, portable PA use and broadcast applications, writes David Davies.

The new mixer is available in two models – one with 16 mono inputs to a stereo mix output, the other (version 12.2) with 12 mono inputs, two full-feature stereo inputs and two group busses. Each version has six auxiliary sends. Features shared by both models include the GB30 mic preamplifier and GB30 equaliser designs familiar from the earlier GB4 and GB8, and a connector section contained in a rotatable pod.

Meanwhile, on the 12.2 model’s stereo inputs, connectors are provided for both mic and line inputs. With mic signals routed to the local channel, the line inputs are available as stereo returns to the main mix bus. Two stereo returns and a two-track (for example, CD replay) input are provided, allowing the GB2R-12.2 to offer up to 26 inputs to mix.

“The Soundcraft GB2R rounds off our portfolio of rack-mountable mixers at all the price points in this sector, meaning we have a high-quality offering for almost any application,” Dave Neal, director of marketing communications at the Soundcraft Studer Group, tells PSN-e. Looking forward to the year ahead, he adds: “We will continue our innovative product innovations in 2008, both in the analogue and digital arenas.”


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