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Soundcraft covers it all in Cape Verde

Erica Basnicki 8 May 2012
Soundcraft covers it all in Cape Verde

Mario Bettencourt has been operating his rental company, MARIUS Produções –the largest pro-audio and lighting company on the islands – for the last 13 years, providing sound for music festivals, concerts, live TV and radio music shows, theatre and dance, conferences, installations and even weddings.
  Recently, Bettencourt ordered two Vi6s sourced from Portuguese importers Tecnimusica, who also provide his company with technical support.   “As we are involved in practically all the big events that take place in Cape Verde, the need to make these fast stage changes and keep records of all the soundchecks in order to satisfy the artists’ demands has become paramount,” Bettencourt said. “We can be providing sound reinforcement for up to six bands a night in a festival situation, which is why I chose a sound desk that could enable me to fulfill this.”   The Vi6 made it’s Cape Verde debut at Kriol Festival, a well-attended event given the islands Creole population. “By organising an event of this magnitude we can make our Festival a real reference for all Creole people,” Bettencourt declared. “With national music headed by Cesária Évora, along with the exposure we get to a lot of world music, Cape Verde is now a real cultural melting pot.”              

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