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Sound Division places “substantial” order for NEXO equipment

test 6 October 2009

UK: The deal was announced in the wake of this year’s PLASA Show, reports David Davies. The Sound Division Group’s David Graham registered an order for NEXO equipment including PS8 compact loudspeakers (featuring the new grill) as well as LS500 and LS400 subs with Fuzion plc sales director Tony Torlini (pictured here, right, with Graham and Sound Division’s Dean Osbourne).

The new speakers will be installed at the London Berkeley Square venue Morton’s Club, which is to open a new boutique nightclub as part of an extensive interior refurbishment. Specifically, Sound Division is set to fit ten PS8s, one LS400, two LS500s and four analogue controllers.

“Although the install will utilise the newly discontinued LS500 subwoofers, it represents the first [UK] order for NEXO’s upgraded PS range, placed moments after their initial launch at PLASA09,” Fuzion’s Josie Barker tells PSN-e. “It’s an exciting opportunity for both NEXO and Fuzion to showcase the new speakers in a prestigious environment, working with an installer well-versed in NEXO and keen to display their merits. Fuzion are proud to be involved in this first sale of the remodelled PS range and look forward to completion of the installation later this month.”

NEXO’s Joe White tells PSN-e: “Since its launch in 2000 the PS8 has been widely adapted as the standard in both corporate AV rental markets and the club/pub installation market within Europe and the UK. This has been primarily down to the unmatched performance capabilities that this highly compact system can provide and its high ROI value. We therefore can only expect for this product to continue to grow its market share in the UK/European markets for the foreseeable future.”


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