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Sony Professional enables digital opera transition

David Davies 5 October 2010

Malmö Opera in Southern Sweden is reportedly the first opera house to make the transition from analogue to digital sound, employing technology from Sony Professional.

Sony’s fully digital solution is based around the DWR-R01D two-channel rack mount wireless receiver and the DWT-B01 wireless microphone transmitter, monitored and managed with Sony DWX Wireless Studio software. In total, the new configuration comprises about 25 rack units, each operating two channels, and some 50 microphones.

Speaking ahead of the installation, Bengt Frienholt, sound manager at Malmö Opera, commented: “Our audience will have a brand new sound experience. The singers’ individual voices will be significantly clearer and a whisper on stage will feel almost like a whisper in your own ear. Having the courage to leverage new and untested solutions and being at the forefront of the technological development has always been important to us. The digital solution from Sony provides us with multiple channels per frequency band as well as detailed remote control of our 50 digital pocket transmitters.”

Henrik Felixon, key account manager media at Sony Professional, remarked: “We are very excited to be part of this pioneer work and driving the sound technology forward. At Sony we develop our own technologies for sound and image, while many providers are merely combining technical components from different producers. We therefore see few competitors in this arena.”

An important factor informing the installation is the new EU directive relating to sound frequencies for theatres and concert halls. Sweden is the first country in Europe to implement the directive, and the aim is to complete the implementation by 31 December 2010.
“There will be a sound revolution within the musical theatre and opera industry. In Sweden alone numerous musical theatres and concert halls will have to adapt to the new technology within a short time frame,” said Ronny Sjöstrand, technical manager at Arva Trading, which is heading up the project at Malmö Opera.

The above image depicts the first show to feature the new digital equipment – a production of classic musical Singin’ In the Rain.

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