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Sony launches US wireless mic rebate schemes

test 5 May 2009

US: PSN-e has also learnt that a comparable initiative is under consideration for European markets, writes David Davies. The US scheme takes the form of two rebate options designed to help Sony customers to make the transition to the new approved channel range for wireless microphone operation.

Paul Foschino, senior marketing manager for professional audio at Sony Electronics, commented: "FCC regulations for the use of wireless microphones have changed due to the upcoming DTV transition. Sony has discontinued its previous range of WL-800 and UWP Series of wireless microphone models operating on previously dedicated UHF-TV channels (62-69). These original units may be replaced with new Sony models operating on UHF-TV channels now authorised by the FCC for wireless transmission. Sony has created two programmes for end-users to help ease this transition."

The first programme is an End User Mail-in Cash Rebate on all Sony wireless models. No trade-in is required, and customers may purchase a new system and submit rebate forms online. Rebates range from $40.00 up to $200.

The second programme invites end-users of Sony 800 Series wireless components who wish to modify their units to take advantage of a Subsidized Service Programme to subsidise a portion of the modification costs. Sony customers with WL-800 Series ‘B’ suffix models wishing to modify their existing 62/64 or 66/68 channel wireless systems to operate on 30/32 or 42/44 can contact Sony Service on +1 201 833 5300 to enquire about prices for specific model modifications.

Sony adds that customers with UWP Series systems (which include the UWP X8 Handheld mic and Modular Receiver Package, pictured) operating on 62/64 or 66/68 should consider replacing their wireless systems with new UWP systems that operate in 30/32 or 42/44.

For full details on the US rebate packages, please click on the first link below.

Meanwhile, newly-appointed Sony European product manager for pro-audio, Bill Drummond, tells PSN-e that a similar initiative could be on the cards in Europe: "Following on from extensive customer feedback, and with a view on impending spectrum re-allocation in many European markets, a similar scheme is being studied by Sony Professional in Europe and once confirmed will be communicated via press release and on our website,, in due course."

Drummond, who has taken over from Simon Beesley, has been working in various roles within the Sony organisation for more than 14 years.


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