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test 13 February 2007

UK: Music technology website – a regular venue for PSNE-friendly podcasts – goes live this week on a new IPTV video show, The Top 20 Greatest Synths. Howard Jones, Portishead’s Adrian Utley and PSNE’s very own Dave Robinson are among the synth users, collectors and aficionados featured in the interview series, reports David Davies.

Classic synths including the Jupiter 8, Korg M1, Yamaha CS80 and Odyssey are featured on the chart, while a number of more recent innovations – including the Alesis Andromeda and the Korg OaSys – also receive their moment of glory.

Explaining the formulation of the final list,’s Simon Power (pictured here with founder Nick Batt, left) comments: “We’ve based the chart on the votes that have been coming in, plus a bit of poetic license to include some outsiders, underdogs and a few surprises!

“It’s basically an excuse to rant about all-things-synth in a show that’s shamelessly nostalgic about electronic music and keyboards with knobs on.”

The Top 20 Greatest Synths will be presented as eight, 10-minute videocasts posted once a fortnight from February 14 on its own website, and at YouTube and various other outlets. The programme will be posted in its entirety at the end of the run.

Those keen to hear Mr Robinson’s contribution, meanwhile, are directed to the entry on the Roland D-50.

Future projects from are set to include another series of the Going Solo podcasts – featuring secrets, tips and techniques from leading music producers – and “another Top 20 rundown like The Top 20 Greatest Synths, [although] the subject has yet to be confirmed.”

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