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Sonalksis launches new plug-ins and plots its future

test 24 January 2007

UK: “We have been working on a product technology that we are not finished with yet, and that is why it has been kind of quiet around Sonalksis for the last 18 months,” managing director Kieran Tyrrell tells PSN-e as the company launches several new or revised plug-ins.

The first of these, the SV-719 Analogue Gate, is an analogue-modelled dynamics processor developed for pro audio applications. Like other plug-ins in the Sonalksis ‘SV’ series, the SV-719 employs proprietary ‘state-space’ technology to provide true analogue characteristics. The offer is available individually or as part of the Essentials Mk2 Bundle.

The Liverpool-based company has also confirmed the release of mk2 SV-315 Compressor and SV-517 Equalizer plug-ins, which include interface improvements plus additional features requested by users. The SV-315 is said to be suitable for a variety of tracking, mixing and mastering environments, in which it will lend “character and warmth”. Meanwhile, the SV-517 EQ is a seven-band tonal equaliser offering a host of filter styles. Like the SV-719, these reworked plug-ins will also be included in the Essentials Mk2 bundle.

“These plug-ins have been planned for a while, but due to a lack of resources we have not had have the opportunity to launch them beforehand,” says Tyrrell. “But we’ve [recently] hired a new programmer and have decided that we now have the necessary capacity to do this.”

Of the “new product technology” alluded to by Tyrrell at the top of the story, he is not currently able to reveal more details. R&D work involving some unnamed external collaborators is ongoing, but he suggests that we might see something emerge “after the summer”.

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