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Smaart move for Rational Acoustics

test 1 December 2009

US: The formerly EAW-owned Smaart brand product line is now part of the increasingly high-profile Rational Acoustics, reports David Davies. As a result of the deal – nine months in the making – Rational Acoustics is now the sole owner of the Smaart brand and has title to all names, trademarks, code bases and assets for the complete suite of past, current and future versions of Smaart software.

Rational Acoustics and EAW parent Loud Technologies will be "working closely together" to move all online licensing, registration and sales processes for Smart from EAW to RA, as well as transitioning sales and distribution networks worldwide.

RA is currently developing the next generation of Smaart, dubbed Smaart v.7, which is scheduled for launch in mid-December.

"It’s great to welcome Smaart back home," said RA CEO Jamie Anderson. "Four of the five people at Rational Acoustics were there in 1999 when Smaart became an EAW product, so it’s only fitting that we’re all here ten years later, the day it becomes a Rational one."

Speaking to PSN-e, RA chief operating officer Karen Anderson (pictured here with, left to right, colleagues Adam Black, Jamie Anderson and Calvert Dayton) revealed that one of the major priorities for the future would be the development of a worldwide support network.

"Smaart has one of the largest user-bases of any acoustic test and measurement software platform on the market today, and they expect – and deserve – the highest possible level of support, service and training available," she says. "So in addition to the obvious goal of continuing to develop and improve the software itself, one of our immediate objectives will be to form an appropriately sized, focused and technically proficient network to support Smaart and Rational Acoustics worldwide with increased training and in-language product support. Nowhere is this more important than in Europe and we’re lucky to have already identified several key companies in the region to help us accomplish this task."


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