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SIP audio codec compatibility boosted by new Franco-German collaboration

test 9 January 2007

GERMANY/FRANCE: MAYAH Communications and AETA Audio Systems have announced a new cooperation over the “implementation and interoperability” of their SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) audio codecs in line with the emerging guidelines from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), reports David Davies.

The move comes in response to the EBU’s ongoing efforts to establish standards on the compatibility of audio codecs during communication via IP. A new website (link below) has been established to promote the venture, known as the Audio-via-IP Experts Group, and encourage others to become involved. An essential feature list of IP protocols and audio formats that need to be supported by those wishing to participate is posted on the site.

According to Gerald List, managing director of AETA Audio Systems, the initiative took root following a dinner with Mayah’s Detlef Wiese and J_rg Rimkus at last year’s IBC. “Within a few minutes we had all agreed on the need to make IP audio codecs compatible as the user won’t accept the same nightmare [that took place] with ISDN codecs,” he tells PSN-e. “Compatibility between IP audio codecs is also a benefit for the manufacturers as the resources required to achieve the compatibility are much less [than] the efforts to analyse a lot of other brands and to implement a special software version for each codec.”

For MAYAH Communications’ general manager, Detlef Wiese, “interoperability of IP audio codecs [from] different manufacturers now becomes the improvement for the industry, [and is as] important as the automatic recognition of ISDN codecs a couple of years ago.”

An event being organised by the ARD.ZDF medienakademie of Nuremberg at the end of January could prove to be an important milestone in moves towards greater compatibility. Notes List: “As far as I know five manufacturers have already confirmed to demonstrate their SIP audio codecs.”

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