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Shure Microflex in UK Pavilion at World Expo

Erica Basnicki 20 January 2016
Shure Microflex in UK Pavilion at World Expo

Audio-visual consultants and engineering experts Hoare Lea chose Shure’s Microflex Wireless installation microphones as part of their design for the UK Pavilion’s AV systems at the World Expo 2015 in Milan.

In developing systems to implement the UK Pavilion’s soundscape and audio-visual elements, Hoare Lea worked with architects BDP and integrators Stage One amongst others.

The Shure Microflex Wireless system was used for sound reinforcement during presentations in the executive conference centre. According to Mike Bedford, principal at Hoare Lea Intelligent Buildings, four mic transmitters were used: an MXW1 bodypack, an MXW2/VP68 handheld, an MXW8 gooseneck mic and an MX150B Lavalier.

During presentations, the mics transmitted wirelessly to a four-channel MXWAPT4 transceiver mounted high in the conference suite. From there, audio passed via the standard Cat 6 cable installed throughout the Pavilion to the main Shure MXWANI4 four-channel audio interface in the rack room, and thence through a Shure SCM410e auto-mixer to consolidate the mic channels before they were fed into the UK Pavilion’s AMX AV control system.

Levels were calibrated by Hoare Lea during commissioning of the system, and then basic mic control was provided so that individual channels could be muted and unmuted, or have their levels changed from the main AMX touch-screen interface in the conference room.

“We selected Shure MicroFlex Wireless for the UK Pavilion Conference Centre for a number of reasons,” summarises Mike Bedford. “The system offers a good range of microphone transmitter types with excellent quality capsules, enabling adaptability with different presentation and room formats, and being a simple DECT-based system, with the in-room transceiver running on Cat 6 back to the rack, it was a fast and simple install.”





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