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Shure hails latest anti-counterfeiting victory

test 3 February 2009

CHINA: Shure Incorporated has announced another significant development in its campaign against counterfeiting, writes David Davies. Recent raids by China’s Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) on a wholesale shop and associated warehouse resulted in the seizure of 8,500 pairs of counterfeit earphones bearing the Shure name and other well-known trademarks.

Penalties imposed by the Shenzhen AIC against the wholesale shop include the confiscation of all earphones, the requirement that the outlet cease its infringement activities immediately, and the imposition of a 30,000 RMB fine (approximately _3,000). Penalties against the warehouse will be decided in February.

This was by no means the first time that Shure has been involved in the instigation of anti-counterfeiting raids. Last year, the company assisted with an action that uncovered significant quantities of alleged counterfeit mics in Enping City in China (full story here), while online vendors of faked goods have also been in its sights.

“Counterfeiters are keen to exploit the value of the Shure name,” said Anita Man, managing director of Shure Asia Limited in Hong Kong. “This is demonstrated by the fact that a large number of the products seized during the raids in Shenzhen consisted of Shure-branded earphones and were not even copies of actual Shure models. They were absolute fakes that looked nothing like our products.”

Sandy LaMantia, Shure’s president and CEO, commented: “Counterfeiting is not just a problem for Shure. This is a serious issue that impacts our entire industry. Every brand of professional audio and consumer electronics is at risk because of this criminal activity. Shure continues to cooperate with other brands in joint actions and criminal prosecutions in China to present a united front against this illegal activity.”


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