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Shure announces counterfeit microphone seizure

test 26 February 2008

CHINA/INDIA/UK: Shure Incorporated has revealed that large quantities of suspected counterfeit microphones that had been on sale in India were recently traced back to their source factory in China. Meanwhile, the company’s European operation is also continuing to pursue counterfeiters, not least those plying their wares on internet auction sites, reports David Davies.

The seizure in China was the result of several months’ work by Shure and local authorities in China to uncover the location of the counterfeiter’s manufacturing operations. In cooperation with the Jiangmen and Enping Technology and Science Bureaus (TSBs), Shure raided Easlem Sound Instrument Factory’s Enping City-based facility, known as Enping Yi Xiong Electronics, where according to Shure “evidence was obtained that the factory was producing counterfeit Shure and other brands of microphones”. The penalties to be imposed by the Jiangmen TSB are yet to be disclosed.

“This is not just a Shure problem,” commented Shure Incorporated’s president and CEO, Sandy LaMantia. “It is a pro audio problem and we are committed to fighting this criminal activity. We are grateful to the authorities in China for their help in this raid, and will vigorously continue our efforts in China and the rest of the world.”

One example of the efforts being made elsewhere in the world is Shure Distribution UK’s ongoing campaign against online sales of products suspected to be fakes. “We now have software which enables us to monitor all ebay auctions by product for all of the brands we distribute, and this software gives us the ability to close down auctions that we suspect include counterfeit products,” managing director Dennis Harburn (pictured) tells PSN-e. “In addition to keeping a close eye on ebay we work with contacts via our lawyers in Customs & Excise to prevent shipments of counterfeit goods entering the UK.”

Shure is also promoting the anti-counterfeiting message via its own commercial literature and online presence. “Our adverts and website carry the ‘Shure against counterfeiting’ logo to help highlight general awareness of this issue and we offer all potential victims the opportunity to send in products they suspect to be counterfeit to us at Shure Distribution UK,” notes Harburn. “We will verify if the product is counterfeit or not, and then arm the end-user with a letter to send back to the reseller with their goods. For obvious reasons we do not publish the difference between genuine and counterfeit products. All of these measures have helped us to significantly reduce the number of counterfeit goods in the UK.”

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