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Sepura testing streamlined with Soundcraft

Murray Stassen 23 April 2014
Sepura testing streamlined with Soundcraft

Sepura Plc, designer and manufacturer of digital mobile radio products for businesses in the public safety, industrial, commercial and military sectors, has acquired a Soundcraft Si Expression 1 digital console to improve and streamline processes during product testing stages.

The Si Expression 1 is located next to an acoustic testing chamber fitted with a head and torso simulator, in order to test against specifications in normal usage scenarios.

Senior Acoustic Engineer Edmund Elsey, explains: “Our automated tests are run with in-house software that control our terminals remotely, which requires the signals to be routed to and from different equipment, depending on the test.”

“We used a switching unit to route the signals, which not only introduced noise and ground loops, but also prevented easy monitoring. For manual testing, we needed to partially dismantle and reconfigure the system, as well as adjust signal levels and EQ.”

“I worked with a Soundcraft analogue console before, and tried a demo of the Si Expression at Harman’s UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd, so I know that Soundcraft lives up to its name by manufacturing high-quality mixing desks,” adds Elsey.

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