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Sennheiser/Neumann mics for ’25 Live’

test 19 August 2008

George Michael’s US tour featured an extensive selection of Sennheiser and Neumann mics, writes PSN-e. The third and final leg of the two-year global ’25 Live’ tour, the shows made use of Sennheiser SKM 5200 wireless handhelds and evolution series wired microphones, among other equipment.

Michael and six backing vocalists all utilised Sennheiser SKM 5200 wireless handhelds with Neumann KK 104 S capsules. The concerts also made use of eighteen channels of evolution ew 300 G2 personal wireless monitors with multiple receiver packs. Full-range ew 572 G2 wireless guitar systems were used on two of the guitar players, while additional wireless packs were deployed with e 904 clip-on mics on the congas when moved downstage for parts of the show.

The complement of Neumann wired microphones included U 87s on drum overheads, KM 184 on hi-hat, and TLM 170 Rs on saxophone. Additional evolution wired microphones included an e 901 on kick drum and e 904s on toms.

With the ’25 Live’ set design requiring the monitor engineers for both Michael and his band to be working backstage behind a large-scale video wall, Sennheiser’s Vulcan IEM launch system was also utilised. The brainchild of Sennheiser UK’s technical director, Dave Hawker, Vulcan is a dual-amplifier configuration designed to allow large multi-channel IEM systems to operate faultlessly in RF-hostile live touring environments.

“Working with Sennheiser on the previous eighty-plus shows on the ’25 Live’ tour has provided us with an exceptional level of support,” said Andy ‘Baggy’ Robinson, Michael’s long-serving personal monitor mixer and audio consultant. “While the standard of the wireless microphones, wireless monitoring and wired microphones has been of the highest level, it’s the support that really makes a huge difference. Being able to make a phone call from anywhere in the world and getting relevant advice is invaluable.”

With Robinson on paternity leave for or the North American leg, Steve May took his place. Band monitors were mixed by Simon Hall.

Having announced that he is to stop playing live bar occasional one-offs and charity appearances following the conclusion of the ’25 Live’ trek, Michael is due to play what have been labelled as ‘The Final Two’ at London Earl’s Court on August 24th and 25th.

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