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Sennheiser launches digital product library with new app

Sarah Sharples 15 December 2016
Sennheiser launches digital product library with new app

Sennheiser has released a new app, which offers access to all product manuals, spec sheets and other technical documents on the company’s products.

The app has been designed to give B2B-clients, system integrators and end-users quick and easy access to product information, via smartphones and tablets.

Documents are also enhanced with audio and video content. Users can access the documents in different language versions at any time – either online or as offline downloads.

Sebastian Daube, head of documentation at Sennheiser says: “By making the documentation app available to our customers, we provide them with a solution that is much more convenient than the PDF manuals that have been available to date.”

He adds: “The app not only helps us to provide our customers with any available product information in the flexible, responsive HTML 5 format but it also allows us to embed additional audio, video, and 3D elements. In this way, the app is letting us elevate our documentation offering to a new level and ensures that we are always providing our customers with information they need – how they want it and when they want it.“

The documentation app is now available for iOs and for Android-systems.

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