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Sennheiser AVX system used to help develop language app

Sarah Sharples 2 December 2016
Sennheiser AVX system used to help develop language app

Memrise is an app designed to give everyone language learning superpowers, with a key technique videos from native speakers, so when the development team hit the road to film, Sennheiser’s AVX system was used to ensure every word came across clearly.

The team travelled 12,000 miles on the ‘Membus’, a converted double-decker bus, starting in the UK and visiting France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The trip’s videographer Diana Olifirova says: “Choosing equipment was a long process because there are so many products on the market, I did a lot of research, asked many sound recordists, designers and did many different tests. Normally to get the clearest sound you have to have a separate boom operator, but we didn’t want to do this because the point was to talk to ordinary people and we felt it might scare them off.”

AVX is a wireless system, which allows a camera-mounted receiver to communicate with a range of different Sennheiser microphones. Working faster than the human ear, AVX selects the best operating frequency and switches to a clean channel before any interference becomes audible, guaranteeing perfect audio transmission between the microphone and camera. This meant the team needed no previous experience in scanning for the right bandwidth, or setting new frequencies.

Olifirova adds: “As well as ensuring we had crystal clear audio, the advantages of AVX were that it has no cables, the set up takes 30 seconds, the batteries are easy to charge – the whole system is very user-friendly.”

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