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Second Euphonix System 5 for acclaimed French movie director

test 11 December 2007

FRANCE: Film director, producer and writer Luc Besson (The Big Blue, Nikita, The Fifth Element) has purchased a second System 5 console for his post-production complex, Digital Factory, in Normandy. The sale follows another strong year for Euphonix in France that, among other developments, has seen Paris’ Yellow Cab Studios become the first European facility to install the new S5 Fusion all-in-one packaged audio mixing system, writes David Davies.

Not only has Besson purchased a new, 48-fader System 5, he has also upgraded his first System 5 – a massive 620-channel, 144-fader console – to a EuCon Hybrid system in order to facilitate the control of Pro Tools DAWs from the System 5 channel strips.

“We are really happy with the first console we installed three years ago,” said Frederic Warnotte, Digital Factory’s technical manager. “Technically, the system is very stable and easy to maintain. Engineers find the console powerful, well designed and efficient. The mixers love the processing (EQ and dynamics) for its sonic quality. Operationally, I find the ‘Layout’ feature is great and so responsive. You always have everything you need just at your fingertips.”

“Luc Besson is probably the premier French film director and his facility in Normandy is absolutely stunning,” Andrew Wild, Euphonix’s vice-president of marketing, tells PSN-e. “What’s [particularly] important to us is that he bought a second console. Whenever a client comes back for more, what they are basically saying is, ‘we like what we bought from you and we want to keep on with that.’ It’s an important signal that we are doing the right things over a period of years.”

As Wild notes, France is a “a very healthy market” for Euphonix – something that is illustrated by a long list of Parisian clients including Dubbing Brothers, Duran, Jackson Sound, Piste Rouge and Yellow Cab. Significantly, the last-named facility recently became the first facility in Europe to install the new S5 Fusion for TV post-production and feature film mixing. The console has been installed in the complex’s premier Studio A dubbing theatre.


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