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Scrub-bing up – BBC, Molinare raise the audio ante

test 15 December 2009

UK: The specialist post division of HHB Communications has reported a series of significant recent sales, writes David Davies. Molinare and BBC Studios and Post Production are among the most recent recipients of high-end equipment supplied by the post-focused Scrub.

London-based TV and film facilities company Molinare purchased new Genelec monitors as part of a revamp of its audio infrastructure. Edit suites are now equipped with 8030 and 8040-based systems, while audio suites have been upgraded to 8240 and 8250-based Genelec DSP surround systems.

"With Genelec DSP series monitoring as our house standard, we’re able to ensure consistent, accurate monitoring, which we can recreate in any room with total precision," commented Molinare CTO Scott Holmgren.

In another upgrade-related order, Scrub provided new 16- and 32-fader Digidesign ICON D-Control consoles to BBC Studios and Post Production at Television Centre. The system purchases took place as part of a gradual standardisation of the organisation’s post equipment onto the Pro Tools platform.

Speaking to PSN-e, Scrub sales manager Tina Wallace observes that the UK post community has made "significant moves" onto the ICON Control Surface since its launch five years ago. "ICON not only fulfils all the technical requirements for post, but is the right answer to the industry’s ROI needs," she says. "Scrub is dedicated to providing UK audio post with the best technology, support and training to enable customers to make the most of their chosen investment. Being able to count the BBC among our customers adds a great brand to the ever-increasing indicators that ICON is the right choice and that Scrub are the right people to help make that move."



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