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Saxon unleashing the beast with EV

test 2 June 2009

UK: The British heavy metal veterans are making use of an extensive selection of Electro-Voice equipment, reports PSN-e. In particular, vocalist and leader Biff Byford is relying exclusively upon EV’s REV wireless system and new PL Series microphones as the band continues to tour the world on a regular basis.

Formed in 1977, Saxon is one of the most enduring of all British metal bands, with nearly 20 studio albums – including the splendidly-titled Strong Arm of the Law (1980), Solid Ball of Rock (1990) and Unleash the Beast (1997) – to its credit. The current line-up comprises Byford, guitarists Doug Scarratt and Paul Quinn, bassist Nibbs Carter and drummer Nigel Glockler.

The full list of EV equipment now at Saxon’s disposal includes: one REV-D D-Band Dual UHF Channel Receiver, three REV-HD7 Concert Handheld N/D767s, one REV-HD9 Concert Handheld N/D967, two PLDK7 drum kits mic, two N/868 kick drum mics, one PL35 snare/tom mic, one PL37 overhead mic, three PL80a vocal mics, three N/D468 instrumental mics, one HM7 lead vocal condenser mic, and two LPA500 log-periodic antennas.

For Byford, the REV wireless system "really gives you a lot of freedom, and the guitars don’t knock the microphone out of your mouth when you trip over the leads. I can actually walk around, which is good, especially at big festivals. As headliner we have quite a big stage where we go up on ramps and other things, so it’s good for that. The REV wireless system with the N/D767 capsule has been really great. We’ve had no faults at all."

Saxon FOH engineer Torben Ibs also praised the REV system and the PL Series microphones, noting the "enormous gain before feedback of the PL8a. It’s easy to handle monitors and it’s easy for me to handle it upfront. It’s got good background noise rejection. And because the background level is very high – we’ve got around six to eight Marshall cabs, which are full on – it was always hard for me to get the guitars out of the vocal mics. I’m very happy with the PL mics, and the monitor guy is too. They cut through the mix."

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