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RWS Prosound supplies major order of Shure wireless mics to PSP AV

test 13 November 2007

UK: RW Salt Communications’ pro-audio division, RWS Prosound Distribution, has supplied _75,000 of Shure UHF-R Series wireless microphones to Birmingham-based PSP AV. The deal represents a complete renewal of PSP AV’s existing stock of Shure Premier Series microphone systems, writes David Davies.

Looking back on the deal, which was approximately three months in the making, RW Salt’s managing director, Craig Buckley, tells PSN-e: “PSP AV were Shure users anyway and very satisfied Shure users. The gear they had needed upgrading and the UHF-R is the standard upgrade. Of course, there is also the added benefit that, to a certain extent, these microphones are future-proof with regard to the proposed changes to the frequency spectrum.”

Having now delivered the microphones, RW Salt will be on hand to supply technical support and after-sales service if/when required. “RW Salt is structured to give support whether you buy a jack-plug or a Midas desk from us,” notes Buckley. “We don’t force ourselves on anyone, but if our customers need help they can come to us and they will get assistance.”

Ian Willcox, managing director of PSP AV, added: “The Premier series has been very successful for PSP, so upgrading to the UHF-R series was an easy decision to make. With the situation regarding radio microphone frequencies still unclear we were unsure about the level of investment we were prepared to commit. RW Salt was extremely helpful in the discussions about the future of radio microphone frequencies and provided competitive prices for this product. The new systems were delivered on schedule and are now in use and getting very positive reviews. This may well result in further substantial investment in the Shure series.”


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