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RW Salt supplies RCF TTL33-A line array system to Saville AV

test 4 March 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Leading pro/commercial audio distributor RW Salt recently supplied the new RCF TT+ Line Array system to Saville AV. Having contacted RW Salt’s Paul Atherton and tested a number of different line array systems, Darren Howard from Saville AV ultimately purchased RCF TTL33-A line array modules and TTS28-A subwoofers in time for them to be used on an event at the Telford International Centre, writes David Davies.

Working in conjunction with RCF’s Greg Oliver, Atherton (pictured here to the left of Howard) assisted Saville’s crew in setting up the (flown) system – which comprised five TTL33-A and two TTS28-A per side – using RCF’s prediction software.

“The RCF system is such a powerful tool for us,” commented Darren Howard. “Its compact size is superb, sound quality and intelligibility are fantastic, and we can cover medium to large format conferences and outdoor live music events with it. A major plus is its weight given the fact that it has active on-board amplification – it still weighs the same, if not less, than most of the other passive systems that we tried, which can only assist in the whole logistics of the system. It’s also very cost- effective, which is a major plus with a price-point that is comparable to many passive systems of other well-known brands. RW Salt’s customer support has always been second to none and I have no doubt that this will continue, and from the service that RCF have shown so far with their product knowledge and training, that they too are 100% behind their products and their customers, which is an added bonus in today’s world.”

Greg Oliver added: “It’s great that Saville AV has chosen the RCF line array system for its larger events. Darren was very meticulous on what he wanted from a system, and with such a specific criteria our system came out top. RW Salt is one of a strategically selected group of RCF TT+ Audio Partners and also one of RCF’s major UK distributors, and it’s great that they get behind our products with a real passion. Paul has spent a lot of time with Saville AV’s audio team demonstrating the TT+ products and it’s this kind of knowledge, service and support which makes the difference to such companies when they are investing in large systems.”


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