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RW Salt introduces Anchor portable public address system range

test 25 September 2007

UK: Commercial, professional and secure audio equipment distributor RW Salt has announced the availabiliuty of the Anchor range of portable public address systems for emergency response applications. Exclusive to RW Salt in the UK, the systems can be used to help calm and control crowds both indoors and outdoors, and may have a valuable role to play in the event of an emergency, reports PSN-e.

The Anchor range of portable audio solutions comprises three models – MiniVox, MegaVox (pictured) and Beacon. MiniVox is a compact, handheld system that gives up to 35 hours’ operation on a single battery charge. It has a rated power output of 15W to reach crwods of 150 or more with 108db of sound. It offers a frequency response of 100Hz to 12kHz and is supplied with a handheld microphone.

MegaVox, meanwhile, provides up to 10 hours’ operation on a single battery charge and, with a rated power output of 22W, can be heard by more than 3,000 people. The specification also includes 126db of sound and a frequency range of 400Hz to 10kHz. MegaVox is supplied with wired microphone, heavy duty speaker stand and carrying case.

Beacon is a standalone portable sound system using a proprietary Class D amplifier with a rated power output of 300W. The specification includes three 8″ woofers and an array of eight 4.5″ mid-range speakers with a frequency response of 60Hz to 15kHz, says RW Salt enabling crowds of up to 5,000 to be reached easily.The system is supplied with a built-in receiver, a choice of wireless handheld microphone or headset microphone, battery and charger.

Suitable for use by untrained personnel and available with optional accessories, the systems are designed to meet specific requirement of current nationwide disaster response campaigns. These include Project ARGUS, a National Counter Terrorism Security Office initiative that is exploring ways to present, handle and recover from a terrorist attack.

“These initiatives have shown that there is a mission critical need for effective communications during terrorist attacks or other emergencies where traditional public address systems no longer work after an explosion,” commented Craig Buckley, managing director of RW Salt. “Research proves that the spoken word is the most effective way of evacuating people from dangerous areas in a calm and orderly fashion. The Anchor range of portable public address systems has the power and clarity to effectively control crowds in the critical period between an incident occurring and before the arrival of the emergency services.”

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