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RTW management transferring to Andreas Tweitmann

test 8 May 2007

GERMANY: Renate and Rudolf Twelker are in the process of transferring the management of analyser and metering company RTW (Radio Technische Werkstätten GmbH & Co) to former Sennheiser/Neumann employee Andreas Tweitmann. The Twelkers – who have helmed the business for 42 years – are to retire from the management team in the near-future but will continue to serve as consultants until the end of 2008, reports PSN-e.

Tweitmann – already in harness as CEO – has a distinguished history of working with German pro-audio companies, including Amptown Sound & Communication and Sennheiser, where he was responsible for the Neumann brand in Germany.

“Andreas Tweitmann is a man who will both ensure continuity and bring innovative energy to the company,” say Renate and Rudolf. “In our talks with him, it very quickly became clear that we shared almost identical ideas about the future orientation of RTW and about general business and market questions. We are thus very confident that Andreas Tweitmann is the ideal person to guide RTW and its employees safely into the future.”

The transfer – which will be completed over a period of three years – promises to usher in a new era of expansion for the brand, with Tweitmann set to focus on growth in Asia and the USA. He also intends to introduce surround sound products and develop RTW’s distribution portfolio.

“My primary objective is going to be to further consolidate and expand the good reputation of the RTW brand, which stands for quality and innovation,” notes Tweitmann.

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